Income Stream on Social Security while you Travel

Pray for Blessing

There are many Americans living abroad, who take advantage of cheap living and the exchange value of the dollar.

Aaron and Shara have been working online since 1997, and they both enjoy the expat lifestyle. They frequently travel abroad at the same time make money online.

Although it is a bit daunting to leave behind a secure corporate life in exchange for traveling the world, it is also rewarding for Aaron and Shara, as it gives them ample time to work on their internet marketing business.

Not only do they enjoy the low cost of living in these countries but they also make the same, if not double or triple the amount that they make while living in the US.

Now that is living in style!

Well you too can do what Aaron and Shara are doing and here are some excellent yet practical suggestions to make money online while living abroad.

Suppose you decide to move to Panama which incidentally is listed as the number one spot by International Living, you not only live in a cosmopolitan metropolis with all modern facilities but you can also live a luxurious life for $2000 per month.

Now, imagine if you are making $1200 from Social Security and a pessimistic $5000 through a small internet marketing business working from home.  Well, now I don’t have to explain the advantages for such a scenario.

Your dollar will go to nearly five times, when compared to living in America.
Don’t be surprised at why you didn’t think of this before. There are many American couples who spent their money on stuff, live for the weekends, paying off college debt and mortgages. Most of them eventually realize that this was not what they wanted.

Besides, what could you do with just two weeks vacations a year!

Although the idea of moving overseas has crossed their minds, the eventual fear of a location based – independent income begins.

Well.. we can help you there.

We live in an internet era, which opens up many opportunities to make money online while living overseas. We know of many sites that are dedicated to helping and teaching others how to make money online.

Funnily, the irony of all this is that… these sites are making money by teaching you how to make money online.

The thrill to move overseas is that you are not only exploring new areas but you are also exploring your passions. I know of friends in Central America and Asia making close to $50K annually.  Can you imagine that, this is the equivalent of making $200K in America!

It is evident that what began as a lighthearted joke of retiring young, grew into something that took over our lives.  We realized that with some meticulous planning, a bit of compromise and hard work, the opportunity to live our dreams was definitely within our reach.

Dreaming of Living and Working as an Expat Overseas.

There are many people who dream of living and working abroad. They believe that with a laptop and an Internet connection, they have it made.

There are visions of them lounging on exotic beaches with a cold beer on one hand and a laptop in the other with a bikini-clad babe beside.  Although, it is good to have this as your vision, it takes sometime before you reach there.

Well, firstly it is not hard to achieve your pipe dream. I know a lot of expats travelling the world, and living overseas living this kind of dream. I can tell you that I have traveled the world as a freelancer needing nothing more than an internet connection to assist me.

Well let me tell you there is nothing such as the proverbial four-hour workweek, while working from home using your laptop. We know of expats who have worked harder and logged more hours working for themselves than when they were working for someone else.
In the initial stages, their workweek would stretch anywhere from 60 to 70 hours… Sorry, to burst your bubble but unfortunately, this is the reality.

Planning To Move Overseas.

If you are just planning to be just a global traveler, there should not be any problems as you will not face any restrictions if you are coming from a developed or first world country. However, the situation is different for third world nationals.

It becomes a bit tricky, if you intend to stay a bit longer. The concern with the local authorities would be whether you are in a position to support or sustain yourself.

Suppose,  you assess the minimum cost of living index of say $1200 per month. If you do not have a minimum of $12000 in your bank account or some sort of minimum threshold income coming in each month then things might get a bit tricky.

If there are dependents, it is even more trickier!

Alternately, if you do earn a substantial income and stay away from any trouble everything will be hunkeydory.
Jobs Overseas

Some countries apart from places such as Cambodia, you may need a work permit. This means that you cannot be an English Teacher, Bartender, or a Massage Therapist.  Of course, many of the expats do it on the side…and it is not surprising that a few of them get suddenly deported.

There are also good jobs such as teaching English as a second language, which is very lucrative albeit satisfying. Some expats also manage to get hired as chefs, or real estate agents… which all pay better than the minimum local wage.

Rule Of Thumb.

Identify the people from the country that you are in who come to work in your country to do a specific job forextra  money then doing the same thing, while in their country is plain stupidity.

In other words, Bulgaria and Mexico don’t need hotel maids or fruit pickers. Vietnam and Nicaragua do not need any coffee workers. Likewise, India and Colombia don’t need garment makers. Of course, there is always the occasional exception.

Nobody in an expat country needs your bartending talents. However, if it were an expatriate pub, they would preferably want an English speaker. Alternately, if you have experience in a five star cocktail restaurant, then people would prefer you over a local.

Plus for the Local Economy.

If all of your money is coming from the USA or Europe, most expat and third world countries love to have you settle down with your laptop and spend that in their country. You are more of a contributor than a taker, so you are a plus for the local economy.

Hence, most of the places that I visit treat me well, as I bring in foreign currency to the country which is a big benefit to the foreign economy. I bring in money and spend it in their country!

Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to be an internet wizard, web designer, or programmer to make money online. For your information, just about anyone with some knowledge about the net can freelance on the web with some ingenuity and research skills.

Finding Your Career Living Overseas.

Reading is a great way to get the creative juices flowing, you can refocus and come to know where to begin. In addition to what you learn from others and us we advise you to constantly take notes on new methods and ideas that you come up with.

The best part of the whole scenario is that you not only get to learn new techniques, freelancing while living abroad but you also get to know about the concept of outsourcing. Which I shall discuss about in my forthcoming blog posts.


Just remember that it is research that will be your main key to finding where your skills will fit into the online world. Next will be to learn the art of surfing for opportunities and then navigating the web and learning how to become involved.


Just remember that a little ingenuity goes a long way. By finding a gap and filling that need is a great way to create a steady stream of income. You may only be able to create a monopoly in your niche.

Research and ingenuity would be your ticket to a better income working online.

Take Your Time.

It took Aaron and Shara a few years of hard work, trial and error to where their online income is today. Obviously, the learning process, research was all laborious but Aaron and Shara say it was exciting every minute of it and they wouldn’t mind doing it all over again.

Supplementary Income.

If you have already quit your job and are on your way overseas then try to have some reserves for the initial period. How soon, you will be making a regular online income depends a lot on your niche and knowledge on how to make money online.

Much of this also depends on where in the world you are, and your lifestyle.

Southeast Asia is a popular place to set up shop to enjoy a low cost of living.

Many parts of Southeast Asia are popular for those living overseas and Internet freelancing. The cost of living is minimal, and the Internet is widely available in most urban areas. Living overseas in Europe may mean a higher cost of living.

The Advantagesof an Online Job.

If you are living overseas and do not have any professional skills, you’re then better off doing an online job that permits you to telecommute or an internet home business.

The many advantages are;

  • You not only earn USD, but have the benefit of spending it in a third world country.
  • You can show this as your income to immigration so no hassles at the visa counter.
  • Obviously, you set our own work hours.
  • If you already have a set internet marketing business before leaving..then you are set by the time you get there.
  • You save time and will be earning from the first day itself.

All you need is a good and solid internet connection and if possible with lots of bandwidth this is only if your online business demands it.

Different Kinds of Opportunities Online.

There are many make money online opportunities all you have to do is to invest a bit of time and tweak a little.  You also have the option to invest a bit and take-over an existing online business.

Of course, you may have to make some investment but if it is a profitable business there would be cash-flow and you will recover that investment in less than a year.

Something unheard of back home.

However, the key to all this is actually getting down and doing it. The people who really make it are the ones who get out there and JUST DO IT. J

In retrospect, if you want to be like Aaron and Shara  working from home and travelling the world you can live well overseas as an expat.

It is never too late to learn internet marketing and work from home… Just get your house in order and set up your internet home business… before leaving overseas.

If you can do that congratulations, the world is your oyster.

Remember that you can learn different internet marketing strategies to make money from home… working just a few hours per week.  It is never too late if you are looking to learn how to market online, or make money online.
Aaron left the cubicle farm and tieland during the late nineties and hasn’t looked back. He and Shara have no regret, If Aaron and Shara can make money online, why can’t you?

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