Welcome to Highland Heights!

We want you to join us in 2014 on a journey to diligently seek God’s will in our lives.  We have titled this journey as #relentlesspursuit for several reasons:
We put the hashtag (#) before it to encourage sharing our journey with others.  We all have friends, acquaintances and relatives who need to hear the good news of the gospel of Christ!  Let’s share with others in conversations, on Facebook, on Twitter or on any platform available what Jesus Christ has done for us.
We used the word relentless to show that nothing will deter us from finishing our mission on earth to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and our neighbors as ourselves.  We will be diligent in searching God’s word and applying it to our lives.  We will relentlessly pursue the lost and share the gospel with them!
Pursuit means that this is an on-going effort on our part.  It is not something we are going to accomplish in a day, week, month or even in 2014.  We will continue to relentlessly pursue God’s will for the time we have remaining in this life.
So join us on this journey as we diligently pursue God. We would love for you to be a part of it!