Spiritual Education

The main goal of our spiritual education program is to educate the whole person, helping each one mature in faith until each part of his or her life has been redeemed by God. Our theme verse is Colossians 1:28. Under our elders’ oversight, our Education Minister directs education efforts along with five volunteer coordinators, and an open advisory committee. We aim to focus on the people, rather than the program, striving to meet spiritual needs according to the truth. The program consists of four main emphases: early childhood spiritual development (preschool children up to age 5), elementary spiritual development (children in grades K-5), teen spiritual development (grades 6-12, primarily directed by our Youth Minister), and adult spiritual development (with emphases on college students, singles and young professionals, couples and families, and general adults). The program consists of Sunday School, our Tuesday Men’s Lunch Devotionals, Wednesday morning and evening Bible classes, an annual VBS, and connects with our efforts to facilitate fellowship, do good works, and reach out to the lost through revivals, meetings, seminars, various devotionals, retreats, and service projects. We have a special program of classes for kids each Summer that aims to engage all learning styles through several teaching approaches focused on four foundational Bible lessons per year. We are able to provide all these classes and activities because of the many volunteers who seek to help our children grown in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Please join us, and be sure you receive our bi-monthly newsletters to stay informed of upcoming events. For more information about our children’s ministries, click here.


Outreach LogoThe main work of the Lord’s church is to proclaim the good news that Jesus has died to redeem you from sin, and that he rose from the dead clearing the way for all who come to him to follow him into glorious eternal life. This life is the ultimate test of your loyalty–the cosmic battleground between good and evil. While we do not yet see all things appearing to be subjected to the reign of Jesus Christ (Hebrews 2:8), his victory has been total ever since he walked forth from the tomb and defeated our greatest enemy. It is the responsibility of everyone who would triumph over death to yield to the Lordship of Christ and find a place of fulfilling service in his one, true church before it is forever too late! Our focus is on fulfilling the “Great Commission” (Mat 28:18-20). Under the direction of our elders, Evangelism Minister, and outreach-focused deacons, we urge all our members to be involved in reaching out to the community, and the whole world with the light of Christ. Specific evangelistic outreach efforts include support of several missions across the globe, domestic campaigns, gospel/revival meetings, seminars, Bible correspondence courses, and personal Bible studies. We intend to increase our outreach efforts all the time, and certainly have a place for your contribution to the work. For a free correspondence course by mail, or a personal home Bible study, please email our Evangelism Minister at parousia.1975

2HYM Youth Ministry

The Highland Heights Youth Ministry (2HYM) consists of middle schoolers (6th-8th grades) and high schoolers (9th-12th grades.) We are a special blend of teens who are striving to serve Christ in every aspect of our lives. We have fun-filled and spiritually oriented activities throughout the year. We have dynamic Bible classes and studies, monthly devotionals in the homes of our members, annaul summer camp, a mission campaign, and too many other activities to name in this paragraph. Come join us for some fun and strengthening in your walk with Christ!

If you want to know more about 2HYM, check out our youth page, e-mail Matt Wilber, our youth minister or see Chas Keel or Jeff Carden.

Age/Needs Fellowship Groups:

Silver Streaks

The Silver Streaks program is geared to the “still-young-at-heart.” This active group includes widowed members as well as (older) married couples who participate in this program. We have activities each month, sometimes we do overnight trips. Please check the church calendar for our monthly outings.

This program really isn’t about where we go or what we do, it’s just being together with fellow Christians. For more information about Silver Streaks activities, contact Phyllis Hurt.

Highland Highlighters

The Highland Highlighters are that age group between the Young Families and the Silver Streaks. We are generally described as being between the ages of 40 and 60, but we won’t turn away anyone who wants to participate in our fun-filled activities (even if you’re not using highlights to cover up those gray hairs!) Some of us are empty-nesters and some of us are almost there; some of us are married and some are single. Contact Don Winningham for more information.

Young Families

The Young Families group includes 20-, 30-, and 40-somethings who are married (and may or may not have children yet.) We host several activities throughout the year that concentrate on strengthening our individual families as well as the family at Highland Heights. If you would like to know more about this group, please contact Mike Bragg or Robert Deocales.

CYP (College and Young Professionals)

The College and Young Professionals (CYP) at Highland Heights include college age and those older than college age who consider themselves young. This diverse group generally ranges in age from 18 to 30-somethings. We have activities throughout the year geared toward worship and Bible study, service to our members and fellow man, and fellowship and fun with one another. These activities include devotionals/Bible studies, group outings, and our annual retreat to the mountains just before Thanksgiving.

If you have questions about the CYPs, please contact Zack Bannister, Robert Paul, or Erron Carlin.

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