Welcome to our Parent Page of our website. This page is designed to give parents information about our events and programs within our ministry to help keep them up to date on the latest happenings with our ministry.

Here you will find copies of all the current year’s forms that we need to have on file for you and your child (in case you lose a form or need to change soomething); a calendar of events (coming soon!) and how to contact me.

Matt (“Wilber”), Highland Heights youth minister

Here are the forms we need to have on file for every member of 2HYM:

  1. 2HYM Member Info
  2. Parental Consent & Medical Release Form
  3. Conduct & Behavior Contract Form
  4. Parent Involvement Form

Activity Scholarship Application – if your child needs financial assistance to attend an activity, please complete and return this confidential form to Wilber.
Calendar of Events (coming soon

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