My Best 7 SEO Tips To Help Your Marketing Efforts

top 7 seo tips

SEO is the main factor that must be known by a blogger. If you are just starting to learn SEO, you need to know these 7 basics term of SEO. These basics are important for the beginners.

1. Anchor text

Anchor text is a SEO term for the hyperlink text. It can be referred to an anchor for the link. It is commonly used to find a link to another page. It is very helpful to improve the ranking of your blog. It is excellent for optimizing links text internally as long as it is still relevant and not excessive. You have to keep the anchor text naturally in every article.

2. Title tag

The title tag is a tag in the html page denoted by TITLE . The title tag is the title of the page that can be viewed on the tab in the browser. Title tags help all search engines and internet users to identify the blog page. The best practices for title tags is to create a unique title and relevant for each page.

3. Meta description

A Meta description tag html is aimed to describe the article snippets from the blog page or website. Sometimes, the description tag does not have any effect on the ranking, but it may help to improve the click that appears in the search results. It is suggested that the Meta description should be relevant or suitable with the title tag.


SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. SERP is a ranking of websites or blogs. It is located in the front line of the search results. Basically, it is a search results page. SERP is a SEO term that is created since there are many pages posted on the search page.

5. Keyword

Keyword is a word or series of words that exemplify the brand, service, or product. Keyword is very important because it helps the users and search engines to identify Web pages. You should use relevant keywords in the title tag, title and all contents. Do not overuse the keywords for keyword since it will be considered as spam by crawling machine.

6. Indexing

Indexing is the process of search engine to collect and store the data across the web. The search engines will continually explore to find out the web that is updated and then added to the database as their information. When the search engines can find the new page, this machine will index. This means that the machine will add a copy to the database, so it can be taken during the search.

7. Links

There are two types of links in SEO, Internal and external links. Internal links are links that are located within the pages in your website. For example, all links in the navigation bar of your website. External links are links that come in or go out from your website. For example, someone has linked something to your Website.

Both links are very important, even though the links that are coming to your website will be seen as an authority signal. You should have organized and comfortable internal link structure, so that both users and search engines can easily find our pages.

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