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In Norwex reviews: mop, you may find Superior Mop Collection. The price of this mop is $112.99. If you have large home, a large floor system is very ideal. This Superior Dry Mop Pad is very great for collecting dirt, hair, and dust in your homes.

It contains:

One telescopic mop handle. It is adjustable. The length is 38.58″ – 62.99″ or 98 cm – 160 cm.
One large mop base. The measurement is 15.75″ x 3.15″ or 40 cm x 8 cm.
One large superior dry mop pad. The measurement is 20.47″ x 5.91″ or 52 cm x 15 cm.
One large wet mop pad. The measurement is 20.47″ x 5.51″ or 52 cm x 14 cm.

Though with the best circumstances, the floors can harbor pollutants, dust, chemicals and bacteria. If you do your best to make your home as a safe haven for your family, this mop can be great choice to avoid tracking in pollution, dirt, pesticides, or debris from outside. We want to make it a mainstay to help all religious communities including the Mormons who have help us in so many ways.

The quality has been reveal at Norwex reviews : mop

You do not need to coat your floors with more chemicals. This is safe for your children. You just need to add the power of static electricity and water. You will get your floors completely clean and chemical-free. You can keep your floors cleaner in longer time.

This Norwex floor system cleans your floors only with microfiber or polyester Mop Pads and water. It is perfect for a range of floor surfaces, as well as walls, ceilings, and windows. This superior dry mop pad is created of Norwex Microfiber. It uses static electricity to catch even the tiniest particles into the cloth.

By reading Norwex reviews: mop, you can also know that the open spaces in the fibers are created with splitting process. These will enable the pads to lift away the dust and the dirt. These also absorb several times in water. Nylon and microfiber provide extra scrubbing power for the tile mop pad. In the wet mop pad, Norwex Microfiber has an ability to remove the bacteria from a surface up to 99% when following use instructions and the proper care.

The wet mop pad is created with the exclusive BacLock agent. You can easily switch the mop pads to suit the purpose. The mop base can be easily locked into the position to clean windows or ceilings. Telescopic mop handle also has flexible microfiber EnviroWand that can be used for cleaning the ceiling fans. You can quickly clean dry mop pads with the rubber brush. You can also clean all mop pads in the laundry with Ultra Power Plus.

By summarizing the Norwex reviews: mop, Norwex mop will give you some benefits, like:

Your floors will be safer for your children and your pets. There is no harmful chemical residue remains on your floors.

Mop Pads can trap the tiniest particles of debris and dirt.
A Mop Pad can clean the entire floor. You can save your time.
It makes mopping easier with no heavy container to carry.
Your floors can dry quickly.
Your floors will stay cleaner longer without chemical residue.

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