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Onpage SEO Secrets

1. Choosing a SEO friendly template

Template is a framework view of a blog. This means that the template also includes HTML tags related to SEO such as title, headings, meta data and descriptions. The layout of each part of the template also affects the quality of the SEO blog.

SEO Friendly template is considered as a great factor that affects the use of SEO on the blog. By applying a template that is designed according to the standard SEO, your task will be easier in arranging on-page SEO.

Here are some criteria in selecting a blogspot seo friendly template:

a. Make sure the layout of the contents is in a prime position.

b. Select a template that uses front title tag. This avoids the truncation by search engines if the title tag is too long.

c. The loading process of the template should be fast because the blog that can be quickly opened is highly preferred by search engine.

d. The use of appropriate heading in the title and some important points in the article.

e. Have Meta data webmaster and link to social network.

f. Provide clear navigation menu.

g. Provide related post and random post feature.

h. Select a responsive template.

2. Use Heading, Sub-heading and Minor Heading

The use of headings is one of the main factors of on page SEO. In a page, there may be a few headings articles. Therefore, it is better to apply a stratified heading tag for some headings in a page of article. In an editor text, you are given a choice of three headings, namely headings, subheadings and minor heading.

You can use them according to the article that you make. This is not just used to bold or enlarge the text, but more towards the SEO techniques that will make the search engines easier to get your blog page.

3. Make sure each image has ALT Text and Title

Search engines can not read images based on pixel. Search engines need ALT and TITLE TEXT to read the image. The image results that appear on any search are based on ALT and TITLE TEXT.

To add ALT and TITLE TEXT on an image on a blogspot, you just need to click the image and then click on properties setting. Fill the title text and alt text that are provided with words that are suitable with the image information.

4. Adjust the entry settings

Before clicking Publish button, you should adjust some entry setting for Label, Permalink, Description Search and other options. The label is the keyword to mark an article. This label may group several articles into one category. Label could also be a keyword or a tag of an article. Give label that is suitable with the content of the article.

Permalink is a URL that will be a link address connected to the articles that you make. Permanent link that is too long will usually be deducted automatically.

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