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  • Jesus died so that you may live! Knowing Jesus as Lord is the key to living a good life now, and enjoying perfect life for eternity after the coming resurrection of the dead and the great Judgment. Request to learn more about God’s will for your life by allowing us to lead you through a personal home Bible study (if you live in the Smyrna area). We also love to provide free Bible correspondence courses to anyone who requests them. A correspondence course is a series of lessons we mail to you and you return for grading and review. During a correspondence course you can have discussions with your teacher either by letter or email, and no one will contact you personally unless you request it. We have great courses by Apologetics Press, John M. Hurt,Wendell Freeman, and more. You can sign up to take one or all of our courses and greatly increase your understanding of the Bible and Christianity! Simply email our Evangelism Deacon (tegerton @ [no spaces]) with your name and address and state whether you wish to have a personal home Bible study or wish to be enrolled in a correspondence course. We will mail courses to anywhere in the world!

Church Life

SUMMER 2013 Schedule of Bible Classes
Our featured Bible reading schedule is designed to take you straight from cover to cover in a year. Click here or check out the link below. There are many other helps and features on this site that will help you in your readings.
For the stout-hearted, a 90 day Bible reading schedule.
Brother Tim Arnold’s Missions Blog.

Bible Study

Search several Bible translations with Bible Gateway.
Download a free Bible study software program: E-sword.
A site offering liks to several online Bible commentaries.
Brother Burton Coffman’s Commentaries (NT) on Southern Hills Church of Christ Website.

Our Brotherhood
Forthright E-zine
Find a congregation near you!
Gospel Advocate Magazine & Bookstore
Focus Press (THINK Magazine & other resources)
21st Century Christian

The Bible House to House

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