Skyrocket Your Website Rankings Do This

Skyrocket Your Website Rankings

The ranking of a website is determined by many factors. These factors directly related to the search engine used to store the index of your website.

Indeed, in developing website, it is done not only by providing interesting and useful content, but you need to maximize your search engine optimization on your website so that the website is able to get a good ranking in Search Engines. So before you start building a website, we will try to provide interesting information on how to improve the ranking of a website quickly.

Aged domain vs Fresh Domain

A case study was conducted to understand whether the ranking of a website is determined from the quality of the domain. Studies were done by building 8 blog simultaneously. All blogs were built using the same technique, the same platform and the same niche.

Blogs are distinguished by using fresh and aged domain. 4 fresh domain and domain aged 4 were used for the blogs. After 3 months, the results are quite surprising because two blogs with fresh domain were capable of displaying better rank than the aged domain.

The conclusion is aged or fresh domains currently do not have a significant effect. So which one should you choose? We recommend that you choose a domain in accordance with the niche.

Does Panda kill backlink factor?

Does Panda kill backlink factor as one of the elements to determine the ranking of a website? Only Google knows the answer certainly. But we’ve been doing research on a website that is constructed in a special way.

We apply the Pyramid on the website link building. But the result is quite good. Note that we managed to get among other things:

  1. Backlink obtained should be natural. You can get backlinks naturally with Pyramid backlink building. Another way is to keep doing nothing for your website for 3 months, but you have to make the content really useful to the reader. Google will be happy to lift your website because people are so happy with your website.

  2. Do not spam on other websites. Before Google updated Panda algorithm, you can freely put your link on some Education sites or Wiki sites. But now the technique is not working since Google develops an algorithm that prevents Edu sites to grow more rapidly.

Avoid keyword stuffing for every content

Google does not like a website that just seems like a spam rather than a useful site. Therefore, do not ever think that you could just spamming either on page or off page. Google still will know because such actions could be considered harmful to the reader. Therefore, you should avoid keyword stuffing every time you create content for the website.

You just need to apply these tips to get maximum results. Raising the ranking of a website is not difficult. But sometimes the process of building a website requires seriousness.

You can get the best results by working optimally. Before you implement SEO techniques above, you can do your trial and error on a dummy blog. If you get the best results, you must be able to raise the ranking of your money site.

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