Success Stories Outside The Church


success stories onlineAdvertisement industry had been dwelling on televisions and signboards in the past. However, since the evolution of the internet, advertising has taken sudden round-about thus turning its face towards internet marketing and video advertising. The quality of advertisement provided by a platform depends on its access and consumption, where “Youtube” has taken hold of the lead position in access and utility. It inculcates the idea of “internet marketing” with “video advertising” that has booked “Youtube” to a new level of advancement in advertising era.

A number of success stories are available on the internet reflecting the successful use of “Youtube Advertisements”. Let us briefly sift through success stories of few companies which have crossed the bridge of attracting customers through advertisements done on YouTube and other online platforms.


An American company “Blendtec” provides high-quality blenders with sharp blades. It became extremely popular when an advertising video named “Will it blend?” was launched on Youtube. In the video, new iPhone was blended and they displayed the power of blades. The costly stunt turned out as a treat for them, as they had achieved 775000 subscribers with an escalated demand for their products.


Red bull is an energy drink and it expanded its business a lot through Youtube advertising with its popular videos named daredevils, athletes and other risk takers doing wonders such as climbing Niagara Falls, building a wooden bike, and driving a race car on ice. Red bull has made millions of customers through treacherous and heroic stunts performed in advertising videos.


Real beauty sketches”, a type of movement launched by the dove has reached to millions of people who admired the concept in advertising the product. They have brought light to a fact that most women consider some of their features less attractive than they actually are. The lamentation of women was used well to make a video which has added 15000 subscribers to Dove’s Youtube channel in a month. Thus an idea can bring about the profit of millions when coupled with the use of a great platform. Youtube has served as a tremendous platform for Dove as it launched videos in 25 languages to 32 of its Youtube Channels.


Advertising took a new turn when Nascar racer Jeff Gordon went undercover for a test drive. He went in a disguise for a test drive, where the salesman had experienced the worst nightmare (as anyone would) when Chevrolet Camaro went out of control. The incident turned out to be a promotional video for Pepsi, and off-course it went viral. Thus Pepsi turned millions of its fans who had turned to other cold drinks back to Pepsi.

Those who have taken advantage of Youtube advertising know its value, but others need to know the key as well; the key to converting consumers into permanent customers. The world has stepped into an era of innovation, so we need to adapt to new ways of advertising our products lest we are left behind. Innovative and creative ways of advertising through Youtube videos described in this article are just meant to highlight the importance of Youtube advertising and video advertising, and compel people to make use of this tremendous opportunity of spreading their voice all around the world.

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